In the summertime when it is very green here with wildflowers, berry plants and green grasses, canoeists, kayakers, boaters and river rafters love to explore the Coppermine River from Kugluktuk to Bloody Falls and back.

Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and snowmobile riding are popular outdoor activities. 

Herds of caribou migrate nearby and the sea contains abundant ringed seals to hunt. Char and whitefish are plentiful here. Ravens are playful year-round residents. Peregrine falcons, rough-legged hawks and bald eagles frequent the upstream sections of the Coppermine River where you can also find moose, muskoxen, wolverines, foxes and barren land grizzly bears.

Every summer the landscape is dappled with arctic flowers, mosses, lichens, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, stunted spruce and dwarf birch trees.

In April there is a weeklong festival called ‘Nattiq Frolics’ with traditional Inuit games, dancing, feasting, seal hunting contests and snowmobile races.


If you are planning on camping in Kugluktuk, please call the Hamlet Office at 867-982-6500 to make arrangements for your stay. Notice is required to ensure that you will have the proper services during your stay. 

Arts and Culture

Kugluktuk is home to many artists; the most notable is Inuk painter John Allukpik.

Local carvings are made from a variety of materials, such as white dolomite stone, musk ox horn, walrus tusk ivory, caribou antler and ancient whalebone.

The Kugluktuk Heritage Visitor Centre showcases other fine artworks from this area, including igloo carvings and handmade Inuit dolls.

Kugluktuk Heritage Visitor Centre and Museum 
Ph: (867) 982-3570
Fax: (867) 982-3573

Kugluktuk Bucket List Ideas

- Make a trip to the Bloody Falls of the Coppermine River

- Join locals for Ice Fishing

- Snowmobile ride to the Gullies

- Take a Boat Tour

- Visit Kugluktuk for our Annual Spring Festival - Nattiq Frolics

- Visit an Igloo

- Take a dip in the Coppermine River